multi-use products: actives are better together

Single ingredient products are certainly having a moment. It may have started with the Ordinary, the brand that launched a million skincare hobbyists. It’s understandable - there’s a certain satisfaction in feeling in control of what we intentionally put on our faces.

Single ingredient products do have a place, if you have allergy or sensitivity prone skin, or if you require a targeted treatment for a specific issue. Otherwise, we’re confident that a multi-purpose approach works best for most of us because it provides the following:

  • efficiency. One would have to use at least 8 - 10 carefully chosen products to replicate the benefits of the Essentials bundle.
  • the ability to treat multiple concerns with one product. For example, Nourish antioxidant serum reduces inflammation, improves skin texture, and protects the skin from oxidative damage.
  • synergies. Ingredients sometimes improve the potency of another ingredient. For instance, peptides can mutually enhance each other’s efficacy. Conversely, multi-use products don’t combine ingredients that aren't compatible.
  • quicker results. When you’re treating multiple concerns at once, you’re going to see multiple improvements in a shorter period.
If you have concerns about ingredient concentrations in multi-functional skin care, fear not. relativskin products contain concentrations comparable to, or higher than, single-ingredient products.

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