we care about results. we strive to provide you with products that create visible and touchable results by feeding and regenerating your skin with potent antioxidants, nourishing moisturizers, ceramides, and state-of-the-art peptides. if you’re going to invest in our products, we’re going to invest in your skin health.

we care about customer service. we’re on your side. we’re good listeners. we’ll always be available, and you’ll always be heard. any and all issues will be promptly attended to.

we care about health.  your health and the planet's health. that’s why our products are non-toxic, gluten-free, vegan, and never tested on animals. it's also why our packaging is recycled and recyclable.

we care about truth and transparency. our products contain high volumes of active ingredients. no "fairy dusting".  no filler. no excessive photo enhancing. no false promises. 

we care about people. not just the people who buy our products, but also people who can’t buy our products. our charity of choice is the The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.

mission statement

to meet our customers where they're at in support of them attaining their best skin


when and how did you first become interested in skincare?
my love of skincare began in my late teens. I spent some time in Japan working in fashion, and was given an education on the importance of a skincare routine. I started wearing heavier makeup for auditions and jobs, once acting became my focus, and noticed my skin becoming irritated and inflamed. I have sensitive skin that's prone to rosacea, so it's been a journey to find effective products that work for me.

what is the most challenging aspect of your career?
as much as I love to travel, spending extended periods of time away from home is difficult.

what are your dreams for relativskin?
my dream is that you love using our products as much as we do. skincare is just a piece of the self-care puzzle but taking time out of your day pamper yourself is so important. hopefully we can be a part of that.

Michelle Mylett relativskin


when and how did you first become interested in skincare?
totally aging myself here, but it absolutely was that time I was nine or ten and the 12-year-old fashionista down the block got a jar of Happy Face cold cream. I loved everything about it and desperately wanted it - which probably led me right here, right now.

who inspires you most?
I've always been most inspired by the women we all know who - whatever their circumstances - take it to the limit every day, doing whatever it takes to keep themselves and their families moving forward.

what are your dreams for relativskin?
to cultivate a brand that's about more than the products we're selling. to meet our customers where they're at rather than selling some ridiculous ideal.