relativskin is small batch

relativskin products are made in batches of only 200 at a time. Then, once they’re made, they’re shipped directly to you. Our products do not spend extended periods of time on trucks, in warehouses, and on store shelves. This means our products are always fresh and ingredients are optimal. Where a typical skincare item off the shelf can be months – or even years – old, our products are never more than  weeks old when you receive them.

We’re incredibly happy to be able to make this point because we know that fresher products are more effective. Also, our products require just a tiny bit of preservative. Efficacy and purity are never compromised.

As manufacturers, what we most enjoy about producing in small batches is the control it gives us over our products. We can quickly make small modifications based on customer feedback. And we know our products inside out.

To further assure optimal freshness, our products are packaged in opaque black glass and even our moisturizer is accessed through a pump. We don’t use jars as they age products through light and air exposure.

relativskin: the “farm to table” equivalent of skin care.

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