relativskin is cleanical

cleanical: the sweet spot between clean and clinical

It’s a new dawn, a new day, and skincare has finally come to a place where it embraces the best of both nature and the laboratory to create a thoroughly modern category: cleanical.

Simply put, cleanical products deliver the best of skin science - active ingredients that have long histories of delivering results - without harmful chemicals. It most appeals to natural-leaning consumers who want safe formulations that deliver results.

As far as we’re concerned a cleanical approach to skincare is a long time coming. As a kid who paid attention to this stuff, what I saw on bathroom counters circa 1975 was a couple of prominent drugstore brands that I now know were full of petroleum products, artificial colour, and fragrance. No one seemed to question the safety or efficacy of the formulations. Eventually, we consumers became more aware of ingredients and how chemicals may potentially be affecting our overall health. The pendulum swung in a healthier direction that made “natural” the priority, but put efficacy on the backburner.

In 2022, we want and can have it all. We understand that some lab-made synthetic ingredients are perfectly safe – even more sustainable than plant resources that can be depleted. Conversely, there’s plenty of proof that some plant ingredients can not only compete with synthetic ingredients but surpass them in terms of efficacy.

For all these reasons, we’re happy to have found a term that so perfectly describes our approach to skin care and formulation. relativskin is cleanical!


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